.​.​.​Please Believe Me

by What Hands Are For

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Re-Releases on limited edition vinyl (with download) March 29th!
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released March 29, 2011

Recorded at Love Juice Labs, Riverside CA by Jesse and Dave. Mix and Mastered by Dave Swanson, Love Juice Labs, Riverside CA



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What Hands Are For Los Angeles

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Track Name: We Love the Knife Light
They talk like the wrong side of the tracks if you ask me.
Black lines their eyes, my guess is excessive drinking
So out of sight.
So out of mind.
So out of touch,
(maybe they werent loved enough).
.. ..
The only problem is there is no problem. ....And.....
You might slow them down but you can't stop them.
No I don’t stand a single chance, putting the flames out with my bares but…
.. ..Oh watch those boys move, fast as a fever, bold as a cold front (back in the old days...)
Confused like my love life but bright like the sun shines.
God if you’re there...Give them work tonight.
.. ..
And when the drink and drugs start to take hold, that's when everything's so simple. I'll scream, you scream with our breath to the world...its not us its YOU who's out of line. Give us the blood lord so we can get away.
.. ..
I'll watch those boys move, fast as a fever, ignored on the forefront, stuck in our old ways. Misused like our hindsight but alive on the inside. Please stay away when they start to change.
.. ..Love them like you never loved someone
Kiss them like you’ve never kissed enough
Touch em hard but never hard enough
I don’t think I we make it alone.
.. ..
Use my face, you’ll never use it up
Lose some faith, I’ve never lost a lot.
Stayed the same, I think I’ve stayed to long.
But know that skipping stones always sink.
Heres what I mean, I mean what I say…
We're not going to stay.
Always just stay the same.
Track Name: Deer Country!
I walked a fine line today, I swear i'm just fine.
I begged a poor man for
change, We're making great strides,
In life we're pawns on a board, oh lord
i'm such a cliche...
They say "Hey Daniel can't sing but he tries
TV's just trash on the tube, my eyes are glued to the screen,
Web lets me fuck younger girls, OH NOW YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
A billboard told
me to go for broke, I love cowboys and camels...so i started to smoke.

it make a difference if i go if i stay
does it make a difference if nobody
knows my name
Ten years from now, im not me. I never meant a thing.

And all
my friends they've said goodbye!
(I'm live now im not me)

I walked a fine
line today, i swear im just fine
We begged a Black man for "change" they said
"he'd change your life"
In Life we're born then we're bored (i'll never figure
it out)
In Death we're saved and restored (i'll never figure it out)

All my
friends they've said Goodbye...Because they take too long...just too much time
from ME.
right now!....

e eh i oh uh e eh i oh uh!
Track Name: Me Myself and My Terms
Just give me three more minutes to let me in, I'll show you where one
and the other begins. Yes, I'm the main event, I'm what you've all been waiting to see.

I'll show you how the world revolves around me.

Me my name myself is an understatement, this isn't real love won't you watch me make it?
My little skylark... what have you done for me lately?
These compliments keep me sleeping sound, but you never gave me anything you really cared about... ...no.
I know news and i know news needs me. These are my beliefs, please believe me. Take me out back. Show me the world.

Oh Lord, I am my God.

You will live on my terms.
You will laugh on my terms.
You will learn on my terms.
You will.
Track Name: Not yet... OK go.
Can you come again, I don't think we can make it alone. Not again... I regret those moments...
We're taking this too seriously, and I'll let go.
Take a seat, have another drink, and think about where we are and where plan to be. Without alcohol it's never been this easy. It's better done than said, but better said than read.

Is this it? I've lived most of my life knowing in life I am the actor. The camera man died years ago.
If this is it... I've lived most of my life knowing money means more than me.
If this is it... Then I'll never say sorry again. No, I can't.

I see no substance amid all this mess.

Is the stage set, set the spot light. No please don't be afraid it's just the way that I play. No please don't fret my dear...

I'm live now. I'm not me. I've lied now and I know I'm not me. No, I cant. I'll never say sorry again.

Where's the joke life I guess I must of missed it... well I guess I'll laugh anyways...

Can you come again? I don't think we can make it alone.
Not again... I regret those moments...
We're taking this too seriously... and I'll let go.
Track Name: Push Waves
Fuck that, I can see the bright lights right ahead of me.
If I slow down now
I’ll miss it all, I won’t stand to see the world spin away again.
doesn’t stop here son, no not for anyone.
And love don’t live here anymore;
she packed her bags when she heard the news, it said:
I’m not in love, yes
its true…I just want to learn something new.

It’s a fact I’ve lacked to
learn to take my turn & stand in line…like the rest of the herd. I hear this
loudest when I’m fooling myself, trying to be an honest man.

It’s sad I
noticed this….It’s sad I noticed this, Death seems to give my life it’s
Hold me close though, I’m still a little boy in my head. Hold me
closer though… I’ll take all the comfort I can get.

123 all eyes on me, clap
your hands if you feel the way that I feel.
Instantly I know it not sleep,
trust me this cannot be real.
It’s sad, but when life shifts it really trips
me out…
I’m mad, that when life shifts it really leaves me out…

Young man,
where are your ethics?
I heard you beat the sun in a staring contest.
sir? Where do your priorities lie?

I can hear the waves in polluted
seashells, life shifts . life really trips me out.
I can’t push waves on
convoluted shorefronts. Life shifts life really leaves me out.